Monday, January 18, 2010

Let's Get It On

A few weeks ago, I picked up my novel again—I left it for awhile because I was like a desert.
Anyway, just before the holidays, I was feeling rather cocky so I decided to tackle a love scene.
I have re-written this scene about a dozen times. Here I was, thinking the absence made me smarter. It didn’t--I’m still struggling with it but it's slowly getting better.
The big problem is it’s the only love scene in my novel so I want to make it hot and relatively realistic. However, every time I read it, I cringe. It always comes out cheesy. Like something in a Harlequin romance novel and my leading man is no Fabio.

Struggling with this, my mind has started to wonder. I’ve started thinking about those steamy sex scenes in movies. You know, the ones that make you shift around in your seat, especially if you’re on a first date or watching a movie with your Mom or Dad.
I often wonder if the writers of these sex scenes blush while they’re writing them.
What about the actors? How hard (hee hee!) is it to do a love scene while a bunch of people are looking on? It's strange.
Take Fatal Attraction. Now, that was one, hot sex scene in that little kitchen. Not to mention the elevator scene--remember that?
I tried to find some video of it but couldn't locate anything which is strange since it's considered one of the hottest sex scenes ever made. Perhaps it's too hot for You Tube!

Glenn Close was one scary bitch in that movie. In 1987, I'm sure many men thought twice before they decided to take the mouse out of the house for someone other than their wife.
James Dearden wrote the screenplay, based on a short film he made for British television called Diversion.

Some other worthy sex scenes:

The trembling Diane Lane in Unfaithful. Another sex scene too hot for You Tube.

Basically, Lane is married to Richard Gere. She's a stay-at-home Mom, trapped in a boring marriage in a boring neighbourhood with a boring wardrobe.
She meets Olivier Martinez and embarks and a hot and steamy affair. That's about it in a nutshell.
The love scenes were beautifully shot and seemed very intimate.
I wonder what the actors' spouses think of hot sex scenes like this.  It would be difficult to see your husband or wife on the big screen, getting it on with someone else. 

The Departed
This was a great love scene--short and sweet.

Last Tango in Paris
This one is a classic.  Brando was older and wider but he was still gorgeous.  He was only in his forties in this film.

You'll never look at a stick of butter the same way again after you watch this movie.

Body Heat

Kathleen Turner & William Hurt had the best chemistry. Every scene was hot, hot, hot.
Especially the scene when they first get it on.  Hurt basically breaks into her house to get to her as she's just playing way too hard to get.

9 1/2 Weeks
I liked the refrigerator scene the best. No surprise there.

Remember when Mickey Roarke was good looking?  Or at least human looking.

I have to go now.  Time to finish this sex scene.

Go take a cold shower!