Saturday, February 5, 2011

The Last Five Weeks

“I don’t know where the time goes!”

My Grandmother used to say this when she forgot something.  I used to roll my eyes at her when she used this excuse for forgetting to call me on my birthday but now, I know what she meant.  Keeping track of time sucks and is rather time-consuming. 
So here’s what I’ve been up to since my last post about 5 weeks ago(!):
Week 1
Worked + finished eating/drinking what was leftover in the fridge from the holidays + crying over my dog a lot (the holidays were a harsh reminder of his absence)
Week 2
Worked + had a birthday that I tried to forget but EVERYONE remembered it this year! I hate people
Week 3
Worked in San Francisco (ok so I worked a bit and mostly shopped) + met a bunch of boring people at a conference
Week 4
Worked + Worked harder to catch up on all the emails/issues I missed from the week before + started up on my French lessons...again + rediscovered a French song that I used to listen to over and over again--it's still so awesome

Week 5
Worked + trying my absolute best to finish up seeing all the movies nominated for an Oscar (pathetic I know but it’s a habit I can’t break)

Notice that writing was not on this list?  It's because I haven't touched my novel in ages....
The Writer's Block is back for awhile but will eventually leave again, once I finish kicking the shit out of it.