Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Who Created the Food Network?

Because I would like to hurt them!
The Food Network is not fun for me anymore because I'm 'watching what I eat'. I hate that saying. Who really 'watches' their food? Don't we all just shovel the stuff in? I know I do. And I suspect that is one of my problems. Duh.
Last night before bed I was watching tv, doing my usual channel surfing. I was starving. I had most of my points too early in the day so my last 'meal' was at 5:30pm. Not good. And I won't even tell you what that meal consisted of--you would feel sorry for me. ;)
Anyway, the food channel comes on and instead of sitting there, enjoying the show (s) as I normally do, I had to quickly change the channel. My stomach was growling so loud I thought it would wake up Simon, my four-legged son.

I received an email from a potential book club organizer this morning. I've been wanting to join her book club as the meetings will be close to my home and her taste in books seems to fit mine. I think this will be good for me. I love to read but I get sad when I finish a great book because I don't have anyone to talk about it with. Well, accept here on my blog but my blog doesn't talk back--yet.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

25 Points? That's it?

Last night, I had a brisk walk with a friend around a track near my house. I was so mad at myself when on the second lap, I wanted to give up. I kept thinking about how much I use to run and how great it made me feel. Now, five years later, I can barely walk up a flight of stairs without feeling like my heart is pushing its' way out of my chest.
So, I've taken my Doc's advice and I have joined Weight Watchers. I wrote about my yearly physical awhile back--around Christmas. My Doc used the 'O' word on me and told me Weight Watchers is the best way to lose the weight and to keep it off.
I joined the online community this morning as I refuse to be weighed in front of strangers every week at a Weight Watchers near me. ;) My target points: 25 per day. It's 1pm right now and I've already devoured 8 of the points--maybe even more than that as I can't figure out how many points are in my giant coffee each morning.
Let's hope Weight Watchers can help me overcome my love affair with food!

As far as my writing goes, I haven't written anything decent in a few weeks. I think my writing space is kinda boring me. I need a change. I think I may try to start writing at Starbuck's again. The only reason why I stopped was my laptop battery only lasts like two hours! I hate having to carry around the big, silly plug so I usually opt to stay home and write.
The good news is, my friend Peter really helped me out with the plot of my novel. It's so great to have someone read your writing and give helpful, critical advice--and it's free of charge!
I have just one problem right now with an event in the novel. It looks like I have to do even more research on the Holocaust of WWII. Just when I thought I was done, here I am again.
To be honest, the research part is easy. The writing, well that's a whole other thing.

Employment Update:
I have an interview on Thursday morning. The position sounds promising so I hope it works out--I gotta pay some bills!