Monday, May 23, 2011

Good Help is Hard to Find

I've always worked extremely hard at my career and after many years, I'm finally getting recognition.  Not because I'm the best at what I do but because I entered the right company, at the right time.
Don't ever roll your eyes when someone tells you, 'Timing is everything' because it really is.

However, that wasn't the only factor helping me on my road to success---I work my fucking ass off. 

So, now that I've reached a point in my career where I'm getting recognized and rewarded, I must also have to wear the big, ugly hat of managing people.

In case you're new here, my favourite saying is;  I hate people.  Can you see my problem?  I much prefer firing people than hiring them.
However, I think my main problem is, I don't know how to convince my boss that it would be easier to clone me than to find good help nowadays.

The young people of today (you know who you are!) are good at two things:
  1. Asking for a salary that does not match their experience just because some over-priced University gave them a piece of paper that says they did stuff for four years
  2. Waiting to be lead rather than taking the lead
I guess the problem is, they came from the Helicopter Parent Age.  You know, the Mom or Dad that fight every battle their child will ever have.  The parent who thinks it's ok to call their child's manager to ask why their son or daughter didn't get the raise they 'deserved'. 
Scary, isn't it?

Well, get used to it because this is the future.

Sunday, May 8, 2011


So it's Mother's Day which doesn't mean much to me since I no longer speak to my Mother.
However, I wished my Grandmother a 'Happy Mother's Day' since she's really the only Mother I've ever known.

Moms come in all different packages....and situations.

Happy Mother's Day to all you deserving Moms out there!

Sunday, March 6, 2011


Sure, you're quiet now but for how long?
How long can I keep you under my shaky thumb?

Sometimes I think of you when I've had a stressful day or feel the need to invade a drawer full of sugary snacks. 
Your voice is still there but you're speaking very low, I can barely hear you.  That's good.

It's been awhile and you're probably thinking I miss you about now, just as things in my life are about to get even more hectic.
You're thinking I'll come back or that your voice will be heard again but not this time.  Not right now.

While the picture of my busy future comes into focus, I worry about being able to handle and juggle life without you.
I worry about not having what it takes to keep you at's exhausting just thinking about it.

But I must prepare myself to do battle with you again (someday) because you're never going to be gone...for good.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

The Last Five Weeks

“I don’t know where the time goes!”

My Grandmother used to say this when she forgot something.  I used to roll my eyes at her when she used this excuse for forgetting to call me on my birthday but now, I know what she meant.  Keeping track of time sucks and is rather time-consuming. 
So here’s what I’ve been up to since my last post about 5 weeks ago(!):
Week 1
Worked + finished eating/drinking what was leftover in the fridge from the holidays + crying over my dog a lot (the holidays were a harsh reminder of his absence)
Week 2
Worked + had a birthday that I tried to forget but EVERYONE remembered it this year! I hate people
Week 3
Worked in San Francisco (ok so I worked a bit and mostly shopped) + met a bunch of boring people at a conference
Week 4
Worked + Worked harder to catch up on all the emails/issues I missed from the week before + started up on my French lessons...again + rediscovered a French song that I used to listen to over and over again--it's still so awesome

Week 5
Worked + trying my absolute best to finish up seeing all the movies nominated for an Oscar (pathetic I know but it’s a habit I can’t break)

Notice that writing was not on this list?  It's because I haven't touched my novel in ages....
The Writer's Block is back for awhile but will eventually leave again, once I finish kicking the shit out of it.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

Wishing you all a very happy new year....all good things are coming our way in 2011.  At least, that's what my crystal ball says.