Monday, June 30, 2008

Tick, Tock

I was checking my email on MSN earlier today and stumbled upon an interesting article about the highs, lows and truths of parenthood.
As it turns out, studies are now showing that childless marriages are happier marriages.
I didn't need an article to tell me that. But am I alone?

It seems that more and more people are popping out kids like bottomless Pez dispensers. Everywhere I look, I see one designer baby carriage after another. In fact, my neighbourhood is most definately going through a baby boom. It doesn't matter what restaurant or store you walk into, you're sure to find the $1200 carriage--most likely a Bugaboo in the infamous red colour.
Gone are the days of quiet booths in fancy restaurants. Now, they're all replaced with open tables, ten feet between them for the carriages and high chairs.
Have babies become the cool accessory? It seems so. However, I would rather carry a purse.

I guess I should thank my family for forcing me to babysit my younger cousins as a teenager because those evening and weekends reiterated the fact that I despise taking care of miniature humans. I despise listening to kids whine. I depsise changing diapers. I despise allowing kids to decide what they want to watch on tv; Barney or Sesame Street. They should either watch what I want to watch or just go to bed. You see, I come from a time when children were 'seen and not heard'.

I often sit and ponder; will my biological clock ever start ticking? I mean, I'm not getting any younger--I'm in my mid-thirties. Shouldn't the clock have started by now?
I should be cooing over cute little babies when I see them but all I think is 'damn, that's a lot of work!'.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

SATC Movie Review ~spoilers~

My friend Laura had a Sex and the City party last night. All us gals met at her place for martinis then we were off to the theater for the much anticipated SATC movie.
Really, how many women did the same thing this weekend? It's like being invited to a party that every woman in the world is invited to, no matter how old you are.

SATC was always a smart show. It was always true to the characters and it was always hilarious. Now, let me just say that the movie was good--it was entertaining if you just 'went with it'. Meaning, if you didn't have any pre-conceived notions and any built-up expectations that this was going to be a great ending to the perfect tv show for women.
I tried to really love it all in the end. I tried my best to look past all the details that bothered me. However, here I am a day later trying to figure out why I'm so mad at this film.
I've come up with three reasons why this movie didn't sit well with me:

1. In the opening sequence, narrator Carrie says "Every year, thousands of twenty-something women move to Manahattan for two things; labels and love"
Why does this bother me? Because it's not true. Women move to Manhattan for career opportunities, mostly. The same reason why Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte and Samantha are Manhanites. Remember when these women talked about their careers?
So, labels--yes. Love--no. Why would women move to a city like Manahattan for love? The women to men ratio is 2:1.

2. Charlotte, the happily married stay-at-home Mom was the only woman that was truly happy. Her life was perfect.
I'm surprised the writers did this. Is it because SJP is now a Mom and assumes that the rest of the women in this world want to raise children and make dinner for their hard-working men? Give me a break. I thought Hollywood was beyond this.

3. Carries gave into Big--again. Whatever Mr. Big wants, Carrie gives him without thinking about what she wants.
In the end they get married but it's on his terms--again. If he really loved her, why couldn't he give her the wedding she truly wanted? Why couldn't he let her have her fantasy day? After all, it's her first marriage--unlike him, working on his third.

If you loved the show, go see the movie. The fashion is great, there are a ton of great lines (Kim Catrall is a joy) and it really is a special treat to see the gals together again. They have some wonderful chemistry together.
I just hope there's not a SATC II.
Or maybe I'm just cynical. ;)