Thursday, April 2, 2009

Has Hollywood Gone Ugly?

When I think about the hottest leading men in movie history, I often think about Marlon Brando. No other Hollywood star has come close to mocking his ruggedness and beauty, not to mention his talent.
Perhaps he didn't set out to do this (I've read that he often said he hated acting and Hollywood, in general) but he has created this bar for all other actors. No, I'm not talking about his notable acting ability I'm talking about something more important; his good looks.

In Hollywood, there should be a law that requires leading men to look their best. There certainly is a law for female actors. Heaven forbid a leading lady weigh in over the 100 pound mark or heaven forbid if she should show up on the set without her hair extensions and piles of makeup. That just wouldn't be kosher.
Don't get me wrong, there are some hot actors out there right now: Pitt, Clooney, Washington, Owen--can't think of anymore. However, I can name MANY beautiful leading ladies. What does that say?

So, tell me Hollywood, why is it that these guys are allowed to be unattractive, talentless and leading men?

That's right; these three (Seth Rogen, Jonah Hill, Jason Segel) have ALL been leading men in Hollywood films that have done relatively well.
Mind you, they are not world renowned films but still, they're making serious money in an industry that used to pride itself on beauty.
These three look as though they just rolled out of bed and onto a movie set. Not only are they unattractive (and they look as though they haven't showered in a decade), they can't act. Every second word out the their mouth's have been curse words. If you don't believe me, see their films.
Oh, and speaking of their films, what makes even less sense is that their leading ladies have all been gorgeous. Katherine Hegel and Mila Kunis are just a couple of names that come to mind. Like these two gals would even give these losers a second look? Please!

This makes me think about Seinfeld.
Remember how Jerry, George and Kramer always had cute girlfriends? I mean, the fact that George would even have a woman speak to him was a stretch. But in almost every episode, there he was, complaining about a woman he was dating.
Then, you have Elaine. Pretty, funny, smart and successful.
What kind of guys did Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld write for her? LOSERS! The only guy that was the slightest bit good looking was Puddy. They ALWAYS gave her the unattractive morons as dates.
But, I digress.

Is this 'Ugly Hollywood Leading Men' thing just a passing fad or is this something more sinister; is this something permanent?
I don't know about you ladies out there, but I want my gorgeous, hunky leading men back!!!

Hollywood: are you listening?

An important note:
We all know that Mr. Brando REALLY let himself go in his last years. However, I think it's important to note that he was still getting some great parts, well into his seventies.
Now, on the flipside we have Elizabeth Taylor. A ridiculously beautiful actress that also let herself go as she aged. What was her last big film? 'Who's Afraid of Virginia Wolf' circa 1966. She was 34 years old.

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