Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Art Connection

It’s so weird how inspiration can strike. Randomly, when you least expect it, on a boring Tuesday afternoon, you can be struck by the thunderbolt.
I had it coming, though.

Toronto had it’s annual Nuit Blanche art festival on Saturday and I spent most of Sunday and Monday with an art hangover. The festival takes place from dusk to dawn.
Then, today one of my all-time favourite fashion designers, Alexander McQueen deputed his new collection for Paris Fashion Week.
McQueen is just so special—it’s hard not to be mesmerized and influenced by his creativity.

Something always happens to me when I’m surrounded by art for a long period of time.
It makes me feel alive and gets my creative juices flowing—I know how trite that sounds but it’s true. That’s what it does to me.
I didn’t always see this connection, it’s only come to me as I’ve gotten older. Looking back at all the writing I did in my twenties, I realized that I wrote so much because I was living in New York City, surrounded by culture with an endless line of artist friends.
Don’t’ get me wrong, Toronto is a very cultural city, much like New York but my life changed when I moved back here. I moved here for a purpose. I moved here to start a legitmate (paying) career. So, my friends changed, my purpose changed, my outlook changed. I think this happens to a lot of people when they give up their dream. In 1999, I gave up mine.

Or did I?

While writing is my true love, there’s another love in my life that I constantly cheat on writing with; my love of fashion.

I've been working in the fashion industry, mostly on the marketing/retail side for a VERY long time so to say I know a thing or two about fashion would be putting it mildly.
Years ago, when this whole blogging craze started, I didn't think about starting a fashion-specific blog simply because there were (and are!) so bloody many of them! Do we need another one? Now, that is the Million Dollar Question, isn't it?

Can I really have it all? Can I combine my two loves and live happily ever after?

I'm thinking about it......seriously.

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karen said...

yes, please! Combine the two. I don't follow any fashion blogs but if you wrote one i would - you have a wicked sense of humor and i would trust your fashion advice.