Tuesday, April 27, 2010

10 Movie Facts About Me

I've been tagged by the great ModernDayStoryteller
She wants me to spill my movie-loving (and loathing) guts out so here goes....

1.  The first major movie-going experience I can remember is watching  ET  on opening night.
The crowds, the hysteria, the smell of popcorn quickly made me realize I was in my favourite place in the entire world.
I was seven and wanted to be Gertie.

Believe it or not, I still feel the same every time I see a film. That’s the power of cinema, kids.

2.  William Hurt in  The Doctor will always be the all-time best performance by an actor, in my opinion.  It’s also one of my very favourite films. (I know EVERY line!)

3.  Hands down, Julianne Moore is my favourite actress. I want her to play my lead character, Anna if I ever turn my novel into a film.
First, I have to finish the novel.

Look at her--she's perfection.

4.  I’ve seen  Antonia's Line (a Dutch film) about 30 times, and counting.  That film makes me laugh, cry and dream, all at the same time.  Is it my #1 fave?  It's close but really, I love so many films it's hard to choose just one.

5.  To this day, I’ll still watch The Exorcist  if it’s on television but can only watch it if I cover my ears (this is how I watch all horror movies).
That film still scares the shit out of me.

6.  I live for film festivals—you haven’t seen a film until you’ve seen it with a film fest audience.
If I were a Richie Rich, I would travel to every film festival in every city across the globe.

7.  I believe that the Rom Com is dead. And that makes me very sad.

8.  I can watch  Immortal Beloved until the end of time and will still cry my eyes out at the end, each and every time.

9.  I ADORE Pixar films. Especially the Toy Story films. Love, Love, Love.
So, you'll know I'll be in line when Toy Story 3 opens this summer.

10.  I detest cowboy movies and westerns, in general.
And I still don’t understand why John Wayne is such a big deal.  He was a terrible actor.
(please save your hate mail because I really don’t give a shit and you know I’m right)

Now, I have to tag someone.....and I know just who.

The Awesomely Awesome Larry Richman


moderndaystoryteller.com said...

Haha, I don't get the John Wayne thing either. Especially when he tried to punch the native American lady who accepted Brando's Oscar on his behalf.

Gertie was cute, I'll give you that. ET, not so much.

William Hurt! I used to see him all the time in NYC. At plays, galleries, on the street. I swear he was stalking me. :)

Julianne Moore is exquisite and one of my fave actresses. Must watch Antonia's Line and I'll be in line for Toy Story 3 too. Can't wait!

Jai Joshi said...

Julianne Moore is incredible. I always love her even if I don't always love the movie she's in.

I didn't get the John Wayne thing either. I do, however, love some westerns like 'The Quick and the Dead' and 'Unforgiven'. Gene Hackman just rocks my world.


The Uneasy Writer said...

I have to admit; I really liked Unforgiven but mostly because of Hackman. He was AMAZING.
Morgan Freeman said in an interview that Gene scared the crap out of him in one of their intense scenes. He also said he's one of the greatest actors of all time.
I agree.

Jai Joshi said...

You have an award at my blog.