Tuesday, June 22, 2010

G20 Summit, Toronto June 24-27, 2010

So many issues facing us today (hello!!  There's a big, stinking, disgusting oil spill RAVAGING the Gulf Coast) and all my city can think about is some ridiculous gathering of a bunch of empty/stuffed shirts, talking about the international financial system.  In other words, The G20 Summit.

The G-20 is made up of the finance ministers (now there's a group of people who deserve daily beatings) and central bank governors (money-hungry assholes) of 19 countries.
Here they are, along with very important issues that WON'T be addressed at this billion-dollar summit:

Argentina ~ Argentina remains on the Tier 2 Watch List for the third consecutive year for its failure to show evidence of increasing efforts to fight human trafficking.

Australia ~ Ok, so their biggest issue is opium.  Not the perfume.  They also like their cocaine and amphetamines....who doesn't?

Brazil ~ The richest 10% of Brazilians receive 42.7% of the nation's income, while the poorest 10% receive less than 1.2%

Canada ~ We're being taxed to death--especially in the province of Ontario.  Also, our Prime Minister is a closet-case bible thumper.

China ~ fuck me.  Where do we start?

France ~ They're leader has a Napoleon Complex and likes to pick on minority women

Germany ~ This is what's expected of German women: Kinder, Küche, Kirche (children, kitchen, church)

India ~ Poverty, poverty and more poverty.  Westerners travel to this country in droves, trying to find the 'meaning of life' but your average citizen of India doesn't see a dime of your tourism dollars.  And the environment?  Why don't you just Google 'Coke India'.  You'll quickly see at least one major environmental issue facing this country all because of our obsession with sugary soft drinks.

Indonesia ~ UNICEF estimates that 100,000 women and children are trafficked annually for commercial sexual exploitation in Indonesia and abroad, 30 percent of the female prostitutes in Indonesia are below 18, and 40,000-70,000 Indonesian children are victims of sexual exploitation.1 The East Java Children’s Protection Agency estimates that at least 100,000 women and children are trafficked annually from, through, and to East Java. ~ Quote from UNICEF website

Italy ~ Besides the fact that they won't win the World Cup, Italy is having a little problem with their mozzerella cheese turning blue.  It's now being labeled as 'smurf cheese'.  Google it if you don't believe me.

Japan ~ Some apartments, motels, night clubs, and public baths in Japan have put up signs stating that foreigners are not allowed, or that they must be accompanied by a Japanese person to enter. 
This country needs some good PR.  And don't even get me started on their eating habits.

Mexico ~ This country suffers with it all; environmental issues, immigration issues and some water quality issues throughout the country.  They're even starting to suffer with their #1 commodity: tourism. 

Russia ~ This country has the second highest suicide rate (Lithuania is #1) so what does that tell you?

Saudi Arabia ~ An absolute monarchy.  Need I say more?

South Africa ~ Poverty and HIV/AIDS rape this country on a daily basis.  But that only happens to the black people so the rest of the world doesn't give a shit

Republic of Korea ~ I have two words: North Korea.

Turkey ~ Turkey faces MAJOR environmental issues, especially water pollution

United Kingdom ~ Education funding will be cut by 25% over the next four years.  In other news, it costs the country $35.5 million per year to keep the royal family, royal.

United States of America ~ Oil spills, Katrinas, gun-control issues, no healthcare and Sarah Palin--and many, many other issues that won't be addressed at the G20 summit.

European Central Bank, is the 20th member of the 'G-20'.  Yeah, there's a group of decent, hard working people.

My city is under siege--cops everywhere, protesters already getting warmed-up, traffic jams on every street and a bunch of ugly fencing put up so the Empties & Stuffies don't have to look at themselves in the mirror, via protesters.

Why is this world so fucked up?

And why did I chop my hair off?
If one more person calls my haircut cute, I'll stab them.


Jai Joshi said...

So why did you chop your hair off? Is it really as bad as you think? (I ask because it's less depressing than to talk about the G20)


The Uneasy Writer said...

you fell for my trap!
I knew people would focus more on my hair (let's face it; hair is more important) than that boring old G20 Summit.

I chopped it because my long hair was driving me nuts and I have zero time to style. I'm so busy these days and needed to feel more freedom.
I don't regret it as much today--it's starting to 'grow' on me. hahaha

Jai Joshi said...

I need to trim my long hair but I don't know if I could face chopping it all off. Too much buyers remorse afterwards.