Monday, August 9, 2010

Rihanna Isn't Doing Us Any Favours, Ladies

You would think that after a much-publicised  breakup over domestic violence, Rihanna would choose to sing about girl power....or at least choose NOT to sing a song about a guy wanting to tie his girlfriend to a bed because he woule like to set her on fire.

Well, no such luck.
The stupidity that is Rihanna's management have allowed her, yet again, to capitalize on the successful label of 'victim'.  Sad. 

Eminem's new song is appalling and I feel pretty isolated because the world seems to be OK with this shit. 

Lyrics (with commentary, of course)

Just gonna stand there and watch me burn
Well that's all right because I like the way it hurts
Just gonna stand there and hear me cry
Well that's all right because I love the way you lie
I love the way you lie
This is Rihanna's chorus; she's OK with him setting her on fire because she likes the way it hurts.

I can't tell you what it really is, I can only tell you what it feels like
And right now it's a steel knife in my windpipe
If only.  Maybe then you would shut up.

I can't breathe but I still fight while I can fight
As long as the wrong feels right it's like I'm in flight
High off her love, drunk from my hate, it's like I'm huffin' paint

And I love it the more I suffer, I suffocate
And right before I'm about to drown, she resuscitates me, she f**kin' hates me
Well, yes.  This could happen if you set someone ablaze.

And I love it, "wait, where you goin'?"
"I'm leavin' you," "no you ain't come back"
We're runnin' right back, here we go again
So insane, cause when it's goin' good it's goin' great
I'm superman with the wind in his back, she's Lois Lane
Well, not really because Superman tried his best to protect Lois, not deliberately set her on fire.  And you could never fill out the leotard properly.

But when it's bad it's awful, I feel so ashamed I snap
Whose that dude? I don't even know his name
I laid hands on her
I never stoop so low again
I guess I don't know my own strength
Yeah, you look like a pipsqueak.  Are you related to Doogie Howser by any chance?

You ever love somebody so much you can barely breathe
When you with em you meet and neither one of you even know what hit em
Got that warm fuzzy feeling
Yeah them chills used to get em
Now you're getting f**kin' sick of lookin' at em
So, leave.....and then look up the words MASOCHIST, TALENTLESS and DELUSIONAL.  This could shed some light on your issues.

You swore you'd never hit em, never do nothin' to hurt em
Now you're in each other's face spewin' venom in your words when you spit em
You push pull each other's hair
This is not normal.  Seek help.

Scratch claw hit em throw em down pin em
So lost in the moments when you're in em
It's the face that's the culprit, controls you both
So they say it's best to go your seperate ways
Guess that they don't know ya
Cause today that was yesterday
Yesterday is over, it's a different day
Sound like broken records playin' over
The last five lines make zero sense.  Huffin' paint again are we?

But you promised her next time you'll show restraint
You don't get another chance
Not true.  The type of woman that would put up with your shit to begin with would stick around--but you know this already.

Life is no nintendo game, but you lied again
Now you get to watch her leave out the window
Guess that's why they call it window pane
This line is quite cheesy.  I guess you ran out of offensive things to say.

Now I know we said things, did things, that we didn't mean
And we fall back into the same patterns, same routine
But your temper's just as bad as mine is, you're the same as me
Justification.  Typical reaction from a woman-hater.

When it comes to love you're just as blinded
Baby please come back, it wasn't you, baby it was me
Maybe our relationship isn't as crazy as it seems
Uh, yes it is but you're crazier.

Maybe that's what happens when a tornado meets a volcano
All I know is I love you too much to walk away though
Come inside, pick up the bags off the sidewalk
Don't you hear sincerity in my voice when I talk?
Told you this is my fault, look me in the eyeball
Next time I'm pissed I'll aim my fist at the drywall
Next time there won't be no next time
I apologize even though I know it's lies
So, you're saying sorry for hitting her but you really don't mean it.  But that's OK because she loves the way you lie anyway so you're both psychotic!

I'm tired of the games I just want her back
I'm tired of your 'music'.

I know I'm a liar if she ever tries to f**kin' leave again
I'ma tie her to the bed and set this house on fire
Nice.  What a great role model you are!  I wonder if you would be OK with your daughter's boyfirend setting her on fire.


Jai Joshi said...

You've reminded me why I never bother listening to rap or R&B or hip hop.


The Uneasy Writer said...

Isn't it terrible? How can people be entertained by this?

If you think the lyrics are bad, you should hear the music--almost worse.
Really wish this guy would shut it.

Dayana Stockdale said...

wow...I never really payed attention to the lyrics in that song. those are pretty bad. It is lame that she hasn't used her public abuse as a platform. Where's the Rhianna Domestic Violence Foundation or shelter? Where are the T-shirts and speeches? She really should do something to urge abused women to ditch their guys. tsk tsk.