Friday, March 23, 2007

Interviews, Interviews and MORE Interviews!

I've had three more interviews this past week but must wait it out to hear back as it appears to be holiday season for hr departments. I've been told "I'll be on vacation next week" about three times already--my patience is wearing thin. Oh, let's face it; I have no patience left!
I have a solid five years experience in my industry and I always thought that number held some importance. Here's the problem with the five year mark: I have too much experience for half of the jobs out there and not enough experience for the other half. I'm in career limbo!
During this ordeal I have learned that hr departments don't care about you after you've come in for an interview. You become another faceless application in a pile of other faceless applications. They forget your name, they forget your salary expectations and most of all, they forget your skills and abilities. They only call you if you have the job. They rarely call to tell you 'thank you but we are going with another candidate' because that means they would actually have to do their job. I hate hr. I will never forgive hr for the torment they have inflicted on me and my career these last few months......
That felt good! Venting helps.

On a happy note: I received some much-needed retail therapy yesterday via H&M. Madonna (my idol) launched her new clothing line with the company yesterday so, naturally, her biggest fan had to support. Not that Madge needs the money but I needed the retail therapy so I was happy to oblige her.
Now, all I need is a job so I can actually wear this stuff.

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