Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Preoccupied with Hypochondria

I knew I was a hypochondriac when I went to the emergency room one day, thinking I was going to have a stroke when all I really had was a pulled muscle/nerve. A shooting pain was running up and down the left side of my body so I automatically assumed I was going into cardiac arrest.
Every time I get any kind of ailment, I automatically go into panic mode and I start mentally writing my will. Unfortunately for my friends and family, all I'm going to leave them is a bunch of bills but that's another story.
Anyway, last week I had my first (and my last!) root canal and was put on antibiotics. I don't like antibiotics. It does a number on your body (for most people) and if you're not careful, you can become immune to them, if you take too many.
I've been on antibiotics before so I know what to expect: side effects. This time, my side effects were worse than ever before. I feel nauseous, grouchy and sleepy, among other things. So, this morning, instead of going to the emergency room, I called my dentist and he said "just stop taking them. The infection is, most likely, gone,". I'm sorry but 'most likely' isn't good enough for a hypochondriac. I have six more pills to take so do I take the rest and deal with the side effects in a mature manner or do I stop and hope 'most likely' means I'll never have to go on antibiotics again?
I'll keep you posted......isn't this engrossing?

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