Thursday, October 23, 2008

If she breaks up with America, who keeps the clothes?

Poor Sarah Palin. It seems like she can't do anything right. Her every move and every word is scrutinized and basically made fun of. She's every Saturday Night Live's dream, isn't she?
I'm not a fan of Sarah Palin by any means but I think the media has gone too far this time: they now have the nerve to question Sarah's 'lavish' spending on clothing since she became McCain's 'chosen one'.

Now, let's just imagine how disappointing it would be if Sarah showed up to her one and only debate (with Joe Biden, not Joe the Plummer) wearing a suit from Sears:

Don't get me wrong, we need places like Sears, Walmart & Target to shop for great deals but America should draw the line at dressing a Vice Presidential candidate in something an average Soccer Mom would wear. Let's get real here, people! We don't want Sarah to look like the average Soccer Mom she claims to be! We want her to look hot! We want her to look polished. A suit like the one about (63% polyester/37% rayon) does not do so well under all those unforgiving lights, not to mention the heat. In case you're lucky enough to have never felt polyester on your skin, let me explain to you how it feels: it feels like shit. It feels like you are sweating your ass off, even in minus 20 degree weather. For you see, polyester doesn't breath--it suffucates. AND if you wear it long enough, you'll stink. This is probably why people living through the seventies wanted to be naked and celebrate 'free love' every day. Forget sex, drugs and Rock&Roll--they couldn't take the heat of polyester.

Sarah showed up to the debate looking lovely--not sweaty. She also probably smelled a lot better since the heat of all those lights (and the pressure) must of made her sweat buckets.
Look how great she looks! (Isn't Joe cute? I have such a crush on him! Don't ask..)

So, it turns out that Sarah likes to shop at Neiman Marcus & Saks; likes it sooo much, she's racked up $150,000 worth of clothes. Really? A woman likes to shop at these places? You don't say! Anyway, it was first reported that she bought her Armani suit the night before the big debate but this suit is not Armani--it's Tahari. And it's a steal! $498!

Surely America can forgive her for this. I mean, she saved them $1,500 when she decided against the Armani.

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