Sunday, October 19, 2008

True Love Is Both Sticky AND Sweet

Now, most people that know me know that I am a Madonna fan. A big Madonna fan. Just ask my iPod; out of 1000 songs, about 800 of them belong to my idol, Madge.
I've seen her in concert numerous times. I've watched ALL of her (painful) movies and I've even supported her hand at fashion design by buying a bunch of crap that didn't fit me at H&M a few years back.
Again, last night I supported my idol by attending the Hard Candy/Sticky & Sweet concert here in Toronto.
It was no Confessions Tour but it was still Madge at her very best; singing & dancing in four-inch platform boots, giving her twenty-something dancers a run for their money.
I don't know how this woman does it. She can't be human. But I love her anyway and true love lasts forever.

Looking forward to her next tour which will probably be called the Post-Divorce Tour!

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